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        1. Enterprise Profile
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          Introduction to our hospital

          Brief Introduction

          Established in August 1958 in Sichuan Province Electric Power Design Institute, is located in one of China's historical and cultural city - Chengdu, is the founding of the first electric power survey and Design Institute of, also is the national first grade a Electric Power Design Institute. With of the people's Republic of housing and urban and Rural Construction issued by Ministry of electric power industry grade a engineering design certificate, engineering consulting unit of qualification certificate of Grade A, construction project water resources demonstration class B qualification certificate, soil conservation scheme preparation grade a qualification certificate, engineering supervision enterprise class B qualification certificate, construction engineering design B certificate qualification, holding "to carry out the foreign economic and technical cooperation business qualification.

          Our hospital received the (Beijing) Certification Center Co., Ltd. issued a certificate of quality management system certification. In 2011, according to GB/T 19001 - 2008, GB/T 24001 - 2004 and GB/T 28001 - 2001 standard set up three standard integrated management system, and released the implementation. January 2012, September, according to GB/T19001 - 2008 ISO9001:2008 IDT "quality management system requirements," GB/T24001 - 2004 ISO14001:2004 IDT "environmental management system requirements and use guide" and GB/T28001 - 2011 "occupational health and safety management system requirements" standard set up our A version and B version of "quality, environment, occupational health and safety management manual" (referred to as the integrated management manual), and passed the certification. Through product realization process control, management of scientific, institutionalized, standardized, not only to focus on customer needs, but also to the employees, social and other related parties satisfied, bear the social responsibility of our hospital.

          Mainly engaged in: electric power engineering survey design, power system planning and design, new energy power generation engineering design (wind power, solar power, biomass power generation, etc.), technical consulting services, water and soil conservation design, water resources evaluation, civil building design, engineering and power engineering construction supervision.

          As of December 31, 2012, the staff of 282 people, including 249 employees, 33 people outside. All kinds of professional and technical personnel 244 people, accounting for 86.5% of the total number of employees and 74 senior titles accounted for 26.2% of the staff; 83 intermediate professional titles accounted for 29.4% of the staff; 78 primary titles accounted for 27.7% of the staff; hospital Dr 2, master 17 people, 134 undergraduate degree, college educated 84 people, college and above accounted for 84% of the total number of employees. There are a national level registered architects, registered structural engineer, registered electrical engineer, registered geotechnical engineer, registered consulting engineer, registered Utility Engineer (power, water supply and drainage, HVAC), registered cost engineer, registered engineer, registered geotechnical engineer and other types of 55 people, is knowledge intensive, intelligence service unit.

          Our hospital has a production of 8489.7 square meters of office space. Advanced technology and equipment, advanced design means, in the process of engineering design, has been widely used in computer aided design. Mapping of the hospital with 1000m Ethernet switch of the computer network and more than 30 all kinds of design software applications and for network data and text, graphics computer system for processing more than 300 units, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, IBM and other series of computer portable computer hundred sets; in addition, equipped with total station instrument, geo information of GPS system, electro-optical distance instrument and OCE - 9700 to digitize large engineering copy / drawing / published /, docu scan C1500 of large format scanner, blueprinting machine, plastic installed, paper cutting machine and other advanced, printing, publishing and other ancillary equipment. The hospital has set up a comprehensive management information system, information query, production statistics of finished product, product design and the production process have realized the network resource sharing, information network system and so on new technology means in the daily work of our hospital has been widely used.

          Over the past 60 years, the Institute has completed the design of the project throughout the National more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, East Timor, Niger, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Mauritius, Honduras, Peru, countries. Has undertaken the 260 projects of power engineering, send, change 800 projects of electrical engineering, soil and water conservation scheme preparation of 300 many, supervision over 200 projects, as well as generation, transmission lines, and the construction of substation project EPC general contract project more than 10 items, other engineering dozens. Has undertaken the Pakistani Kano special power plant design, the introduction of Russian crew Shandong Nanding thermo power plant, Indonesia Kuala Taijung 2 x 135MW coal-fired power plant project, 750kV Xining substation capacity expansion and supporting engineering of soil and water conservation scheme preparation design. After 50 years of development and engineering practice, our hospital in thermal power generation, transmission, power survey and design, inferior coal power and flue gas desulfurization technology research and application, for the design of the heat supply of the urban and industrial and mining enterprises, circulating fluidized bed boiler design area tired rich experience, has won the praise of the vast number of users.

          In Wanxian in Sichuan Province "the East is red power plant into a hole in the engineering design, successfully designed from Yangtze River water bottle type deep well water intake pump house, well to a depth of 40 meters, is the first bottle type deep water engineering.

          New technology of bag filter is used in the thermal power plant coal crusher chamber, in our hospital from previous work, equipment manufacturing to system design and operation test research, which lasted a few years, by experts of Jiangyou Power Plant coal crusher chamber bag dust test identification, the results have been in power plant promotion application, so that has been built to the significant improvement in the design of power plant coal crusher room environmental conditions, and acceptable recovery of coal.

          Since the ninety "s, our institute has been involved in the research of new energy and renewable energy (solar power, wind power, biomass power generation, etc.), and has accumulated the technical and human resources. On new and renewable sources of energy has been involved in and to undertake the Sichuan Province of new energy and renewable energy engineering construction planning, feasibility study, engineering design and Sichuan Province Ganzi, ABA, Liangshan Prefecture 55 solar power project supervision work, and in other parts of the use of renewable energy consulting work, many involved in national and international meetings and for the development of new energy and renewable energy in Sichuan Province by laid a solid foundation.

          In our hospital from 2002 to 2005 General Contracting of Yulong Copper Mine in Tibet 110kV general station project is China's highest elevation (4500 meters), the worst operating conditions of one substation, has more than the application scope of the national regulations (rules only 4000 meters above sea level is less than or equal to have the corresponding provisions), we in terms of technology through a lot of survey and calculation, the insulation coordination, long transmission line power frequency over voltage, deep frozen soil, high soil resistivity, ground and other aspects of beneficial exploration and achieved some practical experience, for future construction of similar projects has draw lessons from a meaning.

          After 60 years of temper of Sichuan Province Electric Power Design Institute and the future, will to more advanced technology, better quality, good reputation, sincerely for customer service, for the development of electric power construction enterprise make new contribution!

          Name: Sichuan Electric Power Design Institute

          Address: Qingyang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Tsing Hua Road, No. 22

          Zip code: 610072 Fax (028): 87319660

          Tel: (028) 8731966687319664


          URL: http://www.jetnik.com/

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